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To meet the needs of the health and fitness market, Necessity Series Supplements will house the following products: Necessity Series Fish Oil (IFOS certified), Necessity Series Multi Vitamin (without copper and iron), Necessity Series Pre Max, Necessity Series BCAA, and lastly, Baird Fit Whey Protein!  We are partnered with a GMP certified manufacturer and functional medicine company to create a supplement line that has the HIGHEST quality and SMALLEST ingredient list! This supplement line is not similar to your amazon/wal-mart products.. as it is clinically proven through human subject research to EFFECTIVELY fuel and maximize your weight training, workout, and body composition goals (articles for each product will be available upon request). This clinical evidence has given us the courage to title the supplement line the NECESSITY Series.. as these are the products, in our owners professional opinion, that are necessary on a day to day basis. There are so many supplements on the market and its hard to know what is good quality, safe(not contaminated doing more bad than good), and provides proper therapeutic dosages. We are SO excited to bring a superior, evidence based product line to the fitness industry and fuel the best quality products into your bodies. PSA: Supplements are used for supplementing if you lack intake from foods, have a deficiency, or require additional nutrients for improved performance. By taking these supplements you STILL have to workout and bust your ass!

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